I’m an over-packer; always have been. Like even a quick weekend trip required a stuffed full-size luggage. But more and more, I’ve wanted to become the kind of person who could pack just a carry-on.

So when our Boston trip rolled around, rather than bemoan my over-packing tendencies, I subverted them. In fact, I got overzealous and ended up under-packing. An impressive feat, to be sure, but next time I’d like to hit that Goldilocks sweet spot.

Boston was chillier than expected for the first days of summer, so a cardigan definitely would have come in handy. I also could have used one more outfit. Live and learn, right?

The Jumpsuit

Brunette in colorful striped jumpsuit looks off to side, tree-lined street of brick row houses behind her.
Jumpsuit: Anthropologie (now on sale!)

While I love putting outfits together, there’s something so satisfying about the one-and-doneness of a jumpsuit. Especially on quick weekend trips when there’s precious little time to waste, a one-piece gets you cavorting out the door that much faster.

I bought this lovely colorful piece at Anthropologie shortly before the trip. The watercolor stripes give it a custom vibe, as if it had been hand-painted for me. It wasn’t completely perfect off-the-rack, so I took it to a tailor for a couple of nips and tucks. I had the armholes taken in and the pants hemmed to achieve a perfect fit for my body. Bonus points for the neckline that allows me to go braless, a perk I’m looking to explore further.

Camisole and Trousers

Brunette poses in front of fountain of maidens wearing white camisole, pastel blue trousers, and red scarf in her hair.
Camisole: The Kooples (similar) // Trousers: Aritzia (no longer available in this colorway) // Scarf: Madewell // Earrings: Anthropologie

I acquired this lacy white camisole at a Kooples sample sale in SoHo a couple of years back because, let’s face it, it’s a must-have wardrobe staple. It comes especially handy in the summer months when heat waves are the norm. And it fits right in with my collection of Galen camisoles from Aritzia, arguably my most favorite cami style.

Speaking of Aritzia, I found and fell in love with these pastel blue trousers there. Who could resist that sky-high paperbag waist? It pairs as easily with a cami as it does with a crop top and everything in between.

I actually bought the trousers as part of a three-piece set that I curated with a matching blouse and blazer. The best thing about a set is its versatility; each piece can be worn with its companions or on its own. I’m eager to show off the full set once the temperatures show some mercy 💙

And that’s all she wrote! My two summery outfits for a weekend in Bean Town.

Brunette poses in colorful striped jumpsuit with brick row house, window box of blue and purple hydrangeas suspended over her head.

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