Call me Sakura. I was born on an island and raised on a peninsula, so is it any wonder my favorite colors are blue and green? My surroundings contain much more of the latter and much less of the former since I migrated to the Garden State in 2012.

A Savage Heart is a fashion and lifestyle blog: equal parts diary and look book seasoned with a heaping of introspection, a pinch of romance, and a dash of humor. The idea for the blog knocked around inside my cautious skull for a couple of years before finally emerging into the light of day. I hope you find some manner of inspiration as you click through my posts, whether it be adding a new item to your wardrobe or wearing something in a different way or pondering a destination you’d never considered before. If I do inspire you in some way, please don’t hesitate to tell me so; it makes my sentimental heart so happy.

I’ve always had an insatiable creative drive that never really could find a professional outlet. I majored in Marketing, so I bring that educational background with me into all future ventures. Business administration constitutes the bulk of my professional experience; I’m a control freak with a penchant for organization which makes me a shoo-in for that kind of thing. Then fashion blipped unexpectedly onto my radar once I moved within breathing distance of Manhattan. Here on these pages, I believe I’m creating a happy medium between two halves of myself.

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“From all the graces of my homeland, I chose only your savage heart.” – Pablo Neruda

Sakura and the Sea

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