If there’s one thing you’ll quickly notice about South Florida (and possibly Florida in general), it’s this: the whole place is flat. Everything sits at or below sea level, save for the occasional modest hill.

So imagine my surprise, having lived in those flatlands for most of my life, when I first arrived in North Jersey. Suddenly, I had to negotiate the treacherous slopes of Jersey City (sometimes in slippery snow, eek). There were cliff faces cordoning the cities on the Hudson River border. Here there be mountains! In not so many words, there was no shortage of altitudes to be had.

New York occupies top of mind as far as notable mountains, but it turns out that North Jersey has some impressive peaks of its own. One of them sits right in my own backyard, in fact.

When hubby and I aren’t gallivanting through Manhattan, we love to explore our town. On one such local excursion, we discovered Eagle Rock Reservation. Perched at the top of First Mountain, it sprawls over 400 acres of mountainous woodland. We only explored a tiny portion of that, of course, but I would love to tackle one of its official trails once Fall returns (and sends insects on their yearly exodus back to their home in hell).

In hindsight, leather sneakers and a white dress might not have been the best choice for romping in the muddy woods. But I’m not known for making the most practical outfit choices when it comes to nature outings. *insert shrug emoji here* Dried Irish mud still spatters a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots I wore on a trip there—three years ago.

Come forest bathing with me.

Brunette in white midi dress and cognac leather sneakers treads fallen, molding tree trunk.
Dress: Zara (similar style here)

Brunette in white dress and cognac leather sneakers poses ballet-like on fallen molding tree trunk.

Brunette in white midi dress and cognac leather sneakers leans forward on fallen tree trunk, steadying herself with one hand on branch.
Shoes: M. Gemi (colorway no longer available)

Brunette sits on fallen, molding tree trunk looking up into leafy green canopy.

Brunette stands beside tangle of thin branches, fingers curled around thin outcrop.

Brunette stands partially hidden behind tangle of thin branches, hand held up at face level, fingers curled delicately.

6 Replies to “Eagle Rock”

    1. Thank you! ❤ I really do try, but there’s an inherent paradox in my silly brain: I love nature but fear bugs 😂 The two don’t play nicely together.


    1. Thanks! Zara produces diamonds in the rough each season and this dress was one of them 😜 And totally agree, Eagle Rock is so pretty 💓


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