Mixing and matching is a fashion lover’s bread and butter: colors, patterns, textures, the list goes on. Even minimalists are in on the deal in their own minimalist way. But every once in a while, there’s something so satisfying about picking one shade on the color wheel and creating an entire ensemble of it. Just last week, Norah O’Donnell served up an all-yellow suiting look that had me shook.

A Savage Heart // Monochrome Moment
Coat: Theory (similar) || Bag: Marc Jacobs

So on this particular Saturday, I chose to go gray. From my dress down to my accessories, I was like someone out of pre-technicolor TV. Ok, my boots weren’t gray, per se. But they were basically gray-adjacent so I had no problem letting them slide (onto my feet).

A Savage Heart // Monochrome Moment
Dress: Aritzia || Boots: Naturalizer

At first blush, it might seem easier to build a monochrome look around a neutral color. But if you have the pieces in your closet—or feel in the mood for some retail therapy—a monochrome ensemble is just as easy to assemble from a primary, secondary, and even tertiary color.

A Savage Heart // Monochrome Moment
Hat: Urban Outfitters || Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Whatever your palette, give monochrome a whirl the next time you pay your closet a visit.

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