This is for me and for you. The part-timers on a cyclical commute between castles in the sky and the structures of Earth. We dream because the banalities of everyday alone aren’t enough satisfy our whimsical minds.

To the untrained eye, we’re all rough edges and sharp corners, and it’s true to an extent. But it was a texture born of necessity to protect our inner softness from the repeated blows life dealt us. You need only dig a little deeper if you truly wish to unearth us.

We didn’t find our path so much as stumble upon it–good thing, too, because none of the usual conventions called to us. We felt like failures because we couldn’t find an outlet for the passions that lit us up like sparklers. Until we did and it all finally made sense, or at least as much sense as anything could make (which isn’t saying much). If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we found our calling, orthodox or not, and we are charging at it full-tilt. Years of apprehension and inertia will do that to you.

So it took us a little longer than most to get our shit together; and let’s not kid ourselves, our shit still falls apart on a pretty regular basis. But with each passing day, week, year, we seem to get a little better at holding it all together. I guess it’s that thing they call life experience.

And if all of this doesn’t describe you? That’s ok. Because for better or for worse, we’re all on this one-way, finite rollercoaster together. So let’s join hands and see where it takes us.

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